Wooden Bathroom Design Ideas

Wooden Bathroom Design Ideas – The stone and wood materials that are inevitably evoke nature and relaxation in a pristine environment and, if they were used to build the bath house, it would be the perfect environment where we can regenerate and dedicate to the wellness of body and mind.

Wooden Bathroom Furniture Design IdeasThe visual effect in the complex is that of a bathroom warm and comfortable than with the use of simple materials and rural is able to have a style impeccably elegant. The rustic materials that, in perfect harmony with one another, they go to build makes it the perfect place to take care of themselves and to take a break to regenerate body and mind relax, perhaps after a long and heavy.

Wooden Bathroom Design IdeasIn many I have strongly advised to use the wood for the floor of the bathroom because the water, humidity and temperature changes can damage the wood surface. It is a logical argument, but despite the many negative opinions, the idea continued to entice.

Wood Bathroom Design IdeasI continued my search and I found that over the years there have been huge steps forward and woods such as teak are also installed on the outside, even in the floor for the pool!

Wooden Bathroom Interior IdeasAnother confirmation of the ability to place the wood in the bathroom, unless otherwise specified is the collection of bathroom furniture designer Matteo Thun Invisible, consisting of pieces of furniture made entirely of a special wood called hackmatack waterproof.

Wooden Bathroom Interior Design IdeasWhat say you? I have shown that the floors of the bath can be made of wood? I think so! Like I said the idea appeals to me, is original, slightly used. Yet there are still not entirely convinced. First I want to know your opinion, perhaps hoping that some of you have already tried this solution!