Small Laundry Design

Small Laundry Design – The Laundry room is a functional space vital to contribute to the order of the house. In the past, only those who could afford this place had a big house, but today, thanks to the new space-saving solutions, you can gear up to design a perfect Laundry room also in small room.

Small Laundry Design InspirationSmall Laundry Design Ideas – Do not forget though that is also fundamental organization of products and tools for washing and ironing. You have to group the products according to use: detergent in washing machines and detergents for hand washing, ironing, iron and ironing products, baskets for dirty clothes and baskets for storing your laundry from the clothesline withdrawn; basins and rags.

Modern Blue Small Laundry Design IdeasSmall Laundry Furniture Ideas–  That which is used most frequently should be stored at hand, what is used instead more rarely will be ordered in the shelves above. The best thing would pour the detergent from large containers ( bottles of laundry detergent) into smaller containers, filling them from time to time or as needed, so as to occupy less space. Very useful also use small plastic baskets for clothespins, sponges and other tools.

If space permits, to have a small stool can be a very practical choice: will be based on basins filled with water without having to bend down to the floor several times and it will be necessary to reach the highest shelves.

Small Laundry Minimalist DesignSmall Laundry Tips – For the clothes to be washed, if possible, keep the color divided by the whites, and even delicate items separately. If you do not have space, consider hanging baskets that can be, and remember not to fill too. In any case, try not to accumulate too many things to be washed or ironed: With this simple rule will make the job smoother and prevent flooding of the spaces.

Simple Small Laundry DesignFor the board, a shelf dedicated to iron, for leave to cool. Reserve a space for hanging freshly ironed clothes or store, maybe a stick on which to hang a shelf on which, or stacking. Use the hooks to the door to the shirts, which should remain suspended when they are freshly ironed. It will prove very useful to keep the furniture a little sewing box, if you need to attach a button or cut a wire.