Modern Minimalist Living Room

Modern Minimalist Living Room – When our home a place of importance in our lives, we strive for design that we provide convenience and comfort, we need to feel relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere that prevails, an atmosphere of luxury and nobility.

A much better solution is a return to the traditions of old times and transfer the beauty of antique furniture and art from the old masters of the modern world. This situation creates an incredible sense of personal satisfaction from the results and became the pride of every home.

Modern Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Modern Minimalist Living Room Design

The main materials are prevalent in the living wood and wrought iron. Walls at a height of 1 meter is covered with wood, which is dark mahogany, carved elements transmit his extraordinary style. The walls are painted with very bright Venetian plaster. Height of two meters of wood has a new board, which is decorated with more – pronounced sculpted elements. The two wooden parts are at equal distances, with wooden beams.

All this creates a very elegant. Camino was launched as between these ornaments also covered in wood, framed pictures and other accessories that create a warm and comfortable. On it is very nice antique mirror, round, with a beautiful wrought iron frame.

Modern Minimalist Living Room DecorationModern Simple Living Room – two classic sofas, soft and comfortable, with plush upholstery and tan cushions strewn carelessly great looking. On both sides of the fireplace are two chairs placed in the same upholstery and many beautiful ornaments of the arms and legs that make them a true work of art.

Elegant Modern Minimalist Living RoomMass is also a unique design – his feet are a complex tangle of ironwork. Floor is marble, elegant wood frame. Stable and very beautiful, this mass has approved a special atmosphere of the room. And ‘paved with beautiful Persian carpet in soft tones. The floor is wooden. Tents request of the windows are huge and beautiful pleats to accentuate the atmosphere. Whole situation knows the unique atmosphere of style and intimacy.