Modern Kitchen Trends 2012

Modern Kitchen Trends 2012 – In planning the kitchen, the designers are relying more on the integration of the internal space between the kitchen and dining room. According to experienced designers, an open space for the kitchen and dining room is the angle most comfortable kitchen models. The bar can serve as a boundary between kitchen and dining area.

Modern Kitchen Trend Ideas 2012

Modern Kitchen Ideas for 2012

The kitchen cabinets should be merged completely in the style of the rest of the furniture. The color of the cabinets, it blends into the background, visually expand the space. Kitchen-living room, select the coverage of exotic wood veneer or high quality imitation wood. A feature of the furniture is that the cabinets can be hung or floor, the facade is smooth and opaque.

The atmosphere is enhanced by the border between visual areas of the kitchen and living room is the kitchen “island” or breakfast bar. Light wood furniture gradual¬† shades of wood, well highlight the expressiveness and beauty of the interior. Also

Modern Kitchen Decoration Design Trends 2012Incredible to bring elements of glass and steel. Imitation patina gives old furniture a noble and dignified. Another recent trend is turning chairs with unusual feet. The more complex and unusual, the better. The manufacturers of folding tables provide more sophisticated mechanisms of transformation. However, this furniture is usually very simple and easy to use. Instead of traditional designers to give priority to offer comfortable chairs with soft seats and comfortable.

Modern Kitchen Trends 2012Ceramic tiles of size is very timely. The original lamps and chandeliers are back in vogue back in the kitchen. Contemporary lamp is large enough, has a complex shape and is made of high-tech materials. Lamps and chandeliers hung to attract attention. They are amazing visual tricks in the kitchen or dining room. The lighting is multifunctional. Serves to further illuminate the work area or inside the kitchen cabinets. White  triumphant in the design of kitchen furniture in 2012, White is the perfect backdrop for bright accents and fashion fabrics. White color has many shades, can make a black and white interior bright and surprising. The color of milk, cream, ivory, all these shades of white, are ideal for large surfaces. Very elegant in the white kitchen and dining room looks silver, pearl and pearl shades. White kitchen cabinets fits perfectly with the natural wood with light and dark shades.