Kitchen open to Living Room Design

Kitchen open to Living Room Design – Kitchen, combined lounge looks very modern and contemporary art. The main advantage of this combination lies in the fact that due to receive a large, bright room for two small. Kitchen-living room is very convenient for families and guests meeting. Now there is no need to leave the company to prepare something, or feeling that you are isolated, while others have fun.

Modern Kitchen Combine to Living Room IdeasThe living room-kitchen is very functional. It is not necessary to dissipate the dishes from room to room, everything is simplified. Reconstruction helps to save by buying a second TV, you get to spend more of both children. It will also be easier to keep an eye on children playing in the living room while doing their work in the kitchen.

Living Room open to Kitchen Simple DesignHowever, the combined system is missing. If you are the owner of one or two bedrooms before making repairs to think about having a room in less. Last but not least, the kitchen-living room needs a perfect purity. Now you can not leave the dishes in the sink will be necessary to renounce the world carpet, stains that may remain.

Kitchen open to Living Room Minimalist DesignIf you decide to convert, you must obtain permission for the demolition of the wall (if you live in a condominium), and carefully consider the design. The options are very different. For example, you can jar the wall completely or partially, in both cases it is necessary zoning room into two separate territories. The distinction of this work area for fun and for the meeting may take place in different ways.

Beautiful floor level seems to change, but this option is not desirable if the family is elderly or young children. In this case it is better to use a variety of floor coverings such as laminate flooring in the living room and tile or linoleum in the kitchen. Used for zoning and columns, arches, small screens and partitions. Appropriate solution is different and brighter lighting in the kitchen, soft and welcoming area for guests.

Kitchen open to Living Room Design IdeasHang in a dark room for cooking and a curtain for the next bet. Perhaps the most popular option for zoning in the room to be a bar that separates the kitchen from the living room. This option is particularly suited to young families who like to arrange friendly matches. Bar-stand is very functional element that can be used as a place to eat, and work plan, and interior decorating.