Kitchen Floor Inspiration Ideas

Kitchen Floor Inspiration Ideas – What should be the kitchen floor depends not only on domestic interiors. First, we must ensure that your choice to cover a suitable base for the coating. The quality of surface preparation is necessary to consult a specialist. If you are going to put a floor heating, you must use cover, designed for just this purpose and high off the heat.

Kitchen Ceramic Floor IdeasArtificial and natural linoleum are very practical option. The kitchen floor has many advantages. First, the attractive price. Modern synthetic lino-lived 8-10 years, are highly resistant and provide good heat and sound insulation. For linoleum kitchen floor must choose a thicker layer of protection. Linoleum is easy to clean and offers tremendous opportunities for the design of experiments.

Kitchen Cork Floor IdeasKitchen Cork Floor Ideas – Cork flooring is the ideal cover for lovers of natural and ecological materials. Cork flooring is very convenient for the legs and reduces stress on your joints and spine. Nice “elastic”, creates a sensation of heat and has an excellent sound insulation. Because cork is a natural anti-static, in practice it does not attract dust. Therefore, the cork floor is ideal for those suffering from allergies and asthma.Kitchen Wood Floor Inspiration Ideas

Kitchen Wood Floor Design IdeasKitchen Wood Floor Ideas – Wood floors are not cheap, but there is the added luxury kitchen decor. The wooden floor is the perfect complement to the classic style kitchen. This surface does not like changes in humidity and temperature. And ‘so better use the kitchen and dining room, in addition to the tile or granite. The wooden floor is treated with special chemicals, oil or paint. Make the wood less permeable and more durable. The wood is vulnerable to stains, which are then difficult to remove.

Laminate resists scratches and other external influences. Laminate flooring can simulate all types of wood, including precious and exotic. Some types of laminate well enough to imitate granite, marble and tiles. Weakness laminate that is afraid of high humidity. A good option is the combination of two types of surfaces according to the functional areas in the kitchen. For example, ceramic tile in the working area of the kitchen and the dining room – laminate. Ceramic tiles are probably the most popular flooring for kitchens. Are very practical and easy to use. In addition, they are inexpensive and provide ample opportunities for the design of experiments. Tiles can be placed in parallel or diagonally. An interesting effect occurs if repeated color tiles on the apron. If the kitchen is a small, homogeneous floor covering selected. Thus increasing the visual space and harmonize it.