Kitchen Combined with Living Room

Kitchen Combined with Living Room – The combination of living in the kitchenette is ideal for those with little space available. Here are some guidelines to furnish the best the two areas.

When the space available inside the house is limited or we have to decorate a room or apartment, can certainly be useful to combine the show back to the kitchenette. To obtain two separate spaces at the same time maintain its own aesthetic value, we must of course take some important precautions.Simple Minimalist Kitchen Combined with Living Room

Popular Kitchen Combined with Living Room DecorationSince in fact two completely different areas from, for the intended use for the type of furniture, living room and kitchen will be matched by distinguishing functional areas and seeking to harmonize as much as possible the colors and furnishings .

It should be said first that the two spaces, even if within the same environment, will in any case separated, even if partially, to delimit and distinguish in some way the two areas. For this purpose, the solutions may be different.Modern Kitchen Combined with Living Room

Living Room Combined with Kitchen Decoration IdeasThe easiest and most popular is definitely the one to separate the two environments raising a masonry wall, perhaps decorated with clear or colored glass, to narrow spaces while maintaining a continuity between rooms. The use of glass is also an optimal solution to make the area attractive for use in the kitchen and in agreement with the atmosphere of the lounge area.Kitchen Combined with Living Room Ideas

Kitchen Combined with Living Room DecorationAs regards the arrangement of the cooking area, this can easily be organized also on one wall, for example using recessed elements, preferably with stacked decks and of compact dimensions. But not only the kitchen have to be adapted so that they can combine the best of the two environments.

Kitchen Combined Living Room Design IdeasThe living room is decorated in it so you can make the most of available space. To gain inches, for example, will be preferable to have the largest mobile along the longest wall and make the most of space in height.