Japanese Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Japanese Dining Room Furniture Ideas – Japanese style, in the words of the designers is the latest trend ethnicity. It is the embodiment of the connection with nature and minimalism, which has nothing superfluous. Inside there are one or two colors, simple furniture and almost no decoration. That’s because in our busy lifestyle is welcome, allowing you to feel free and unencumbered by stuff and nonsense.

Modern Japanese Dining Room Furniture DesignJapanese Dining Room Interior Ideas – Knowing the nature of Japanese interiors, you can customize your dining room into the spirit of this extraordinary country. The walls are plastered with wallpaper embossed imitating crocheted fabrics (mat). Another option is to be painted white or slightly yellowish. One of the walls (which are not doors or windows), you can decorate with bamboo stalks.

Japanese Dining Room Furniture IdeasJapanese Dining Room Decoration Ideas – The ceiling is white, with a suspended structure, repeating the contours of the room and away from the walls of 50-60 cm. Suitable for flooring or laminate flooring in gray-brown. Windows and doors are pure white. The best option is to install sliding doors in wood and frosted glass with a simple geometric shape. Several types of furniture, combining dark wood and light.

The table is rectangular or square, but with a simple, strong, but the seats are elected in the same key. Buffet and other furniture is characterized by clean lines, glass doors are authorized to green, blue or more. The windows are decorated with bamboo blinds, but want to use silk curtains, hand embroidered elements of Japanese calligraphy.

Classic Japanese Dining Room Furniture IdeasJapanese Dining Room Design Ideas – And the most interesting accessories. The walls are decorated with decorative panels depicting different characters. Small carpet of natural materials suitable for the area table. To freshen the interior contributes a miniature bonsai tree, placed on a low table or cabinet auxiliary. Go cone-shaped decorative can be arranged several high branches.

The jar should be a clear lacquer (white or compatible with glass furniture), and branches – dark. Trying to achieve with traditional dishes, but there is no need to keep it in a conspicuous place. The central tube can be embedded in the ceiling grid and lighting for local use with cylindrical lampshades lampshades.