Gothic Interior Design

Gothic Interior Design – Gothic interior design is being considered not only architects but also for anyone in this style. The variety of models and elements involved in this type of design makes it one of the most popular styles. Gothic architecture seen mostly in religious monuments. However, this type of architecture used in civil construction, public buildings, universities, private homes and others.

Gothic Living Room Interior Design
Gothic Interior Design IdeasGothic interior design has been developed in the 12 th century, its main features arches. Later, in the Victorian period have added more colors and shapes. Gothic style is characterized by dark and mysterious sensations that radiate something dramatic and sensational. For example, paint the walls in black, is not unusual for this style. Today the so-called modern and gothic.simple minimalist gothic interior ideas

Gothic Dining Room Furniture DesignModern Gothic is used to give it an imposing and impressive interior. The wall color should be rich, deep tones. The popular colors are ruby red, blue, gold, dark green and purple. Golden color is added to freshen the look, is dispersed among the other colors. Paintings, tapestries and wall frames are rich and opulent look.Gothic Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas

Classic Modern Gothic Interior DesignA very important part in the project of Gothic windows. The use of arches above the windows is one of the ideas characteristic of the Gothic interior design. Curtains for the windows are made of soft and hard tissue, damask, brocade and others. They are also selected darker colors. The furniture is wrought iron and wood. Wrought iron and made a lot of decorative items such as metal bowls, bowls, chandeliers, candlesticks and others.