Garden Path Ideas

Garden Path Ideas – Every garden should have a route for passage. The course gives a finished look of the garden, moving the general plan, but it is a practical necessity for the passage. Usually the path from the door and reach the inner door of the palace. If the garden is best path may be bifurcated to recreational areas for the pavilion, agricultural buildings. What will be the path line and what documents will be made depends on your taste and preferences.

Unique Garden Path Design Ideas

Simple Minimalist Garden Path IdeasThe classic version is a straight path. A path has always been a specific goal to reach the entrance of the building, fountain, gazebo, outbuilding. Suitable for gardens, where individual sections are separated by regular geometric lines. In this case, the assignment of distinct areas of the garden is strictly symmetric, straight lines, the shapes are rectangular or square.

Modern Garden Path Design IdeasThe flooring is most appropriate for a trail is well-shaped tiles. It can be square or rectangular tiles of natural or artificial stone, concrete or granite tiles. Arrangement of individual elements in strict contrast with the green of trees and to give the composition striking. If your garden is more spacious, you can cancel the straight path with a small square. Place the decorative element of  fountain, sculpture.Garden Paths Decoration Ideas

Garden Walkways Design IdeasWalkway suitable for landscape gardens. In each landscape green areas are not separated by lines pouring slowly from one section to another. The lines are natural, as in nature. These paths create a romantic atmosphere. If you want your garden is as close as possible to the natural environment, to make a walkway to the form if it were taken from nature.

Curved path is very nice, if winds around shrubs, the fountain and the other elements of your garden. In this case it is better if the garden is spacious. If your garden is small, curved path creates the illusion of more space because there is not sharp, straight lines between the elements. Coatings are suitable for soft gravel, pebbles, crushed bark, sawdust, sand. This type of flooring is the most impressive and beautiful, but harder to maintain because there is a need for periodic replacement.Garden Path Ideas

Cheap Garden Path Design IdeasAnother type of path, which also appears very natural which is made of “steps”. Inside the garden are arranged flat distribution of distance as a human step. Steps themselves can be of concrete, natural or artificial stone, wood. The width of this path is small enough to pass from one person. Smaller distance between the steps to fill it with grass or plants. The trail is very natural and blends harmoniously into any garden green.