Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas – One of the most specific in every home is the bathroom. In this article we examine the requirements for the lights in the bathroom and how to define for themselves what, where and how we can use. In this venue will combine the accessories mandatory health, as well as the ability to add their own unique style, but also the luxury. It ‘s better if the colors are continuing their line of furniture in the lining of decorative lights.Luxury Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Contemporary Stylish Bathroom Lighting IdeasModern Bathroom Lighting  Ideas – The most common coatings are chromium or stainless steel, according to their natural protection from corrosion, but no exception items е gilded brass. The benefit is the shine of chrome features mirror, if the effect sought. In combination with crystal, the perception of refined luxury is really feasible. In the elements of glass, using glass opal white or opaque, but sometimes also the union of the two types.

Minimalist Bathroom Lighting IdeasMirror Bathroom Lighting  – When the lights are embedded in the mirror – the so-called illuminated mirrors – is necessary to provide the output power of the lights behind the mirror itself. The improvisations are allowed at all, just observing some basic safety measures. When choosing lighting for the bathroom is crucial to their protection from water, condensation and other types of infiltration in their body, where are the bulbs and electrical parts.

Modern Bathroom Lighting Design IdeasTechnical Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Check the table with the signs of the indices and their explanation. Not to retain consumers with useless technical information, using the scheme of a hypothetical local – the bathroom. The same sketch and divided in zones, depending on the place of the lights and their protection from direct contact with the water. Were shown the recommended size of the zones, marked by the numbers 1, 2 and 3. It ‘obvious that the higher is the requirement of zone 1, according to the proximity of the water current and the danger of direct contact with the lamps. The requirement is a minimum standard IP65. In Zone 2, the minimum of protection is IP44, most of those are lights for the bathroom and closet. In zone 3, the requirements are minimal, IP20, that is the area on or near the mirror, when it is placed over the sink and there is danger of splashing water on the lamps.

Simple Bathroom Lighting IdeasBathroom Lighting Style Ideas– According to these conditions of disposition of the lights in the bathroom and their protection, you can create an individual style, in light of any bathroom. In recent years, another variant has gained popularity, the arrangement of lights in the bathroom – through the ceiling and spotlights, or incorporation of the so-called “little moon”. Despite the fact that such lighting can be built using lamps rated voltage 220V, is strictly recommended to choose the variant with 12V transformer and to avoid any possibility of surge current. The investment will be, as well as in safety even in the reliability and long-term operating, by the factor for adjusting the tension, which is produced by the transformer.

Bathroom Lighting Simple IdeasThe prices of these devices are almost symbolic. Halogen lamps have the power from 20W to 50W and illuminate well enough, if the sum of their power must be equal to or less than that of the transformer. In the presentation room SIRIUS offers you a wide selection of moons with crystals and those with protection IP44. One of the defects is, that for the false ceiling must lower the height of the room with 6-8cm. On the other hand, you can make the lights complete with modern LED lights and spread everywhere.