Basement Decoration Ideas

Basement Decoration Ideas – Buy or build your house, think about those parts of it are apparently less usable basement. But well-designed house noted that this will be one of the most essential rooms in it. There could easily be split garage, workshop, storage for furniture and canned food, bath, sauna, bathroom, recreation room, gym, steam room, plant engineering. Everything depends on good design and distribution.Basement Decoration Furniture Ideas

Modern Basement Decorating Ideas
These rooms in the basement does not take up valuable land architecture. They do not need separate entrances and walkways. And in the presence of a window in them, operating rooms become full, bright and comfortable, increasing the thermal regime of the house. Many architects now use the space “underground”, there has shops, cinemas, offices, warehouses. Other people use their basements for the classic version, the storage of wine.Basement to Living Room Decorating Ideas

Basement to Bedroom Decoration IdeasUnderground is always cold. Insulation will reduce heating costs. Insulate the walls and the floor well. Exhaust ventilation is very important, do not rely solely on ventilation and air intakes. Lighting, these rooms can be equipped with backup power. Water pipes, there is usually standing open, but if you can not hide behind the hatches, but it remains a place where repairs are necessary.Basement Play Room Decoration Ideas

Basement Decoration Interior IdeasThe basement is dark and gloomy. It must select the materials in bright tones and colors. Lighting system must be chosen and properly constructed. Use moisture-resistant ceramic tiles, stone cladding “breathing”. Can be used for wood paneling on the walls. White is the most suitable for tiles, furniture. Colored panels create mood and atmosphere. So calm transform the basement into a place to live.Modern Basement Decoration Ideas

Simple Basement Decoration IdeasBasement could be built into every home in every part. You must first determine your needs and requirements. Then you can design the basement or to specify a separate room in the same kitchen. Then, using the scale is fast, easy and convenient way to get these products is necessary to box directly to the kitchen without going beyond it. Basement symbolizes the “subconscious” of the occupants of the house. If it is dirty and neglected causes constant sense of dissatisfaction. The house can be perfectly clean, but if there is confusion in the basement, this house will rule concern. Feng-Shui in this case states, remove all unnecessary clutter from the basement, cleaned, broken. This will reduce the voltage to recover energy, will give a new look and harmony in your home.